About Pieranunzi ... una miscellanea raccolta da Enrico Pieranunzi

“The most lyrically inventive of contemporary pianists”
Stuart Broomer - All About Jazz February 2010

“He knows what he wants to say, and he knows how to say it exactly. There aren’t too many creators of whom that can be said”.
Nat Hentoff (from the liner notes to“Deep Down”, 1986)

“Pianist Pieranunzi sounds great, playing single-note snaky lines or porcelain chords”
Kevin Whitehead- (Down Beat, August 1990

“Pieranunzi can swing –crisply and surely. But in those tempos, he remains his lyrical self. His music sings”
Nat hentoff, 1990 (from the liner notes to Charlie haden’s “First Song”)

“Enrico Pieranunzi breathes new life into contemporary jazz...”
Jazz Journal International, August 1992

“Some jazz musicians are acrobats, some are lumberjacks,some are scientists and still others mimes. But only a few are artists. I’ve come to believe that Enrico Pieranunzi is one”
Art Lange, December 1995 (from the liner notes to “Seaward”)

“Pieranunzi’s stature has gathered momentum in the last decade and along Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett, he’s one of the greatest jazz pianists of his generation”.
Irish Times, December 1998

“He plays music with a rare level of commitment and inspiration. He is a fantastic talent”
The Gramophone Jazz Good Cd Guide

“Remember the name, get lost in the music”
Jazz Time (Usa) February 2000

“With Pieranunzi, never expect the obvious. There is simply too much going on upstairs”
Jazz Review (England) November 2002

“Italian pianist Enrico Pieranunzi continues to make dream recordings that are so much more than all-star get togethers”
All About Jazz, January 2004

“Since the mid ‘70s, Pieranunzi has been a cult figure among those who like their piano jazz cool, cultured and clean”
Mojo (England) June 2004

“Pieranunzi plays with a thougtful, sensitive approach”
Jon Andrews - Down Beat, February 2006

“Performing with bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Joey Baron, Pieranunzi immediately established his credentials as a world-class jazz player. He revealed an irrepressible sense of swing, a subtle harmonic imagination, a feel for the piano tone and a capacity to maintain the cultural lyricism of the Italian canzone within the frame-work of propulsive, straight-ahead jazz”
Don Heckman- (Los Angeles Times, April 3, 2006

“Enrico Pieranunzi’s appearances (at Birdland, New York) confirmed that he is one of the most accomplished pianists now playing jazz, regardless of continent”
Thomas Conrad -Jazz Times, April 2006

“As the years pass Pieranunzi is becoming increasingly influential, with Dream Dance reaffirming the progressive significance of this exceptional trio (with Marc Johnson & Joey Baron)”
John Kelman - All About Jazz, March 2009

“Pieranunzi and his ‘American Trio” with Ballads, Live in Japan and now Dream Dance prove they are one of the very top tier trios working today”
Don McClenaghan - All About Jazz January 2010