Blue Waltz



Blue Walts CD cover.jpg

Enrico Pieranunzi  piano
Thomas Fonnesbæk  bass

Recorded live at Gustav's Bistro,
Copenhagen, July 14 & 15, 2017

Release date, 2018 (Label: Stunt Records)

Album Tracks

1. Everything I Love  (C. Porter)  6:44
2. Blue Waltz  (E. Pieranunzi)  8:56
3. Come Rose dai Muri  (E. Pieranunzi)  7:06
4. Molto ancora  [per Luca Flores]  (E. Pieranunzi)  7:33
5. All the Things You Are  (J. Kern)  9:52
6. First Impression Last  (Th. Fonnesbaek)  5:10 
7. Miradas  (E. Pieranunzi)  6:10
8. Si peu de temps  (E. Pieranunzi)  2:45 
9. Tales from the unexpected  (E. Pieranunzi)  5:19
10. WIMP  (E. Pieranunzi)  5:03

During my childhood and teen age it was exactly the bass the “engine” that brought me to get deeper and deeper into the jazz language. So, shortly, I placed the bass in the top position of my personal list of favorite instruments. When in 2015 I met Thomas for the first time I had a further confirmation of all this. During the set we played in duo in fact his technique and musicality really impressed me and made me think that when somebody plays the bass the way he does it it’s difficult for me placing any other instrument in that top position.

However, one year after our first meeting we performed in trio with the fine drummer Stefan Pasborg. Then, in 2017, we played an entire duo concert, whose results are now accessible to all the jazz listeners and fans. Well, I’d like to say here that Danmark seems really to be a very special and productive country for bass players. All of us in fact remember and regret the great NHOP, kind of pioneer and example for many generations of fantastic Danish bass players. Thomas, in my opinion, represents at it’s best the heritage coming from him and I’m proud to have shared with him the music recorded in this CD. Enjoy!

Enrico Pieranunzi