Anne Ducros

PIANO, piano

C. Corea     J. Terrasson     E. Pieranunzi     R. Urtreger


Featured Artists
Anne Ducros  vocals

Chick Corea
Jacky Terrasson
Enrico Pieranunzi
René Urtreger
Benoît De Mesmay

Manhu Roche
Karl Jannuska

Sal La Rocca  double bass
Bob Franceschini  tenor sax
Olivier Louvel  saz

The meeting with Anne Ducros has been truly moving for me. When I first listened to her CD I have been struck by her taste, her musicality, the class of her interpretations. And as soon as we have "mixed our sounds" the impact has been really strong. In years, I have learnt to observe that if a musician beside you has something to say, your meeting leads you to make things that never you would have expected to make and this is perhaps the more fascinating aspect of jazz, this "something" that "runs" under music, lights your improvisations and leads it into "unknown"­. This is exactly what happened with Anne. I believe that just in this, consists the secret of her singing. I feel lucky and proud to have shared her secret with her...
Enrico Pieranunzi

Produced by Anne DucrosRenato Lombardo

November 8, 9, 10 & 27, 2004, at Studio Du Petit Pont - Paris
Titles 4, 8 & 11 recorded on October 2 & 3, 2004, at Bridgehouse Studio - Clearwater, Florida, USA  

Release date

Record Label
Dreyfus Jazz

Album Tracks
1.  Four - 4'24
2.  God Bless The Child - 4'44
3.  You Go To My Head  E. Pieranunzi (piano), S. La Rocca (double bass), K. Jannuska (drums), A. Ducros (vocals) - 6'26
4.  Les Feuilles Mortes - 4'57
5.  Never Let Me Go - 5'20
6.  Gnossienne N°1 - 6'55
7.  I Thought About You - 4'20
8.  My Foolish Heart - 5'35
9.  Moon and Sand  E. Pieranunzi (piano), S. La Rocca (double bass), M. Roche (drums), A. Ducros (vocals) - 5'13
10.Just In Time - 3'57
11.Body and Soul - 4'40
12.Naima - 5'15

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