Enrico Pieranunzi Trio


Featured Artists

Enrico Pieranunzi ( Piano )
Hein Van de Geyn ( Bass )
André Ceccarelli ( Drums )

Mar 3-4, 1994

Release date
Dec 31, 1996


Record Label
Soul Note

Album Tracks

1 - Seaward - (4’36)
2 - L’Heure oblique - (7’46)
3 - Straight to the Dream - (5’06)
4 - Footprints [W. Shorter] - (6’25)
5 - The Memory of this Night - (7’41)
6 - Yesterdays [Kern/Harbach] - (6’47)
7 - Je ne sais quoi - (6’34)
8 - This Is for You - [EP] / But Not For Me [I. & G. Gershwin] (8’16)
9 - Key Words - (5’19)
10 - I Hear a Rhapsody [Fragos/Baker/Gasparre] - (6’04)
11 - What You Told Me Last Night - (6’31)

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About Seaward

"Some jazzmusicians are acrobats, others lumberjacks, some are scientists and still others are mimes (going through the motions with nothing to say).  But only a few are artists.  I've come to believe that Enrico Pieranunzi is one. With each new recording he releases, more proof is added to the positive side of the ledger. And this new trio date, where he is ably assisted by Hein Van de Geyn amd André Ceccarelli, provides some of the most convincing evidence of all.  ...The music emerges in various ways, at times in a conversational mode, elsewhere in a contemplative or melancholy mood.  Though he is especially sensitive to the subtle pressures of rhythm or tempo, and how they can effect the story he is telling, the pianist takes unexpected paths, shows us surprising scenery, even where we thought we knew the terrain.

(source: from the CD's liner notes by Art Lange, 1995)